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The good success is nothing small,

but it starts with small things.

- Socrates 470 - 399 B.C. Greek philosopher

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Location of the IT unit
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Software license management
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Development of the digitization and IT strategy 

with a methodology specially designed for small and medium-sized enterprises.


Both the organization and the relevant technologies are taken into account and a pragmatic implementation plan with consideration to dependencies and priorities is designed.



Location of the IT unit 


in terms of performance, quality and costs with comparative metrics (benchmarking).


The perspective of an experienced, external, third party assists in the identification of areas where necessity for improvement and optimization is prevalent. Impartiality and objectiveness are important prerequisites for the identification and implementation of the right starting points. We have a large benchmarking database, which we use specifically in these projects.


IT Architecture Management 

as preparation for digitalization and for the introduction of cloud applications.


From a technical perspective, an important requirement for digitalization is the design of an enterprise-wide IT architecture that represents the key element for IT systems, data and interfaces. We analyze your systems and support you in aligning your enterprise architecture with the future and equipping it with innovative tools and systems.



Project management and project review


of large IT projects is our focus to achieve the desired project results "in plan" and "in budget".


We draw our project experience and competency from countless projects over the last 20 years and we assume responsibility for their execution. We are au fait with ERP implementations, software development projects, project reviews and international roll-outs in a wide range of industry branches.


Software license management

for all common software products from a commercial point of view.


The audit of (1) the deployed software’s usage by the users and (2) the current license and maintenance fees show the potential for your company. Benefit from our experience and market knowledge in order to realize a financial effect for your company. We audit licenses from SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce, IBM, VMware and many others.


Optionally, we work together with a renowned law firm to support you in complex compliance issues.



Company Foundation


You are thinking about setting up a company in Germany and you are searching for the optimal business location?

There are multiple reasons for establishing a business in Germany.

Germany is the largest economy in the European Union and a very attractive business location.

Novolos 01 offers a wide range of services for organizations looking to expand in Germany. Whether for consultation, business development, selection of location, appointments with authorities and public service, sales support or recruitment services - our experts will support you on all these subjects before, during and after your settlement in your organization.


Software development projects with Greece/ Cyprus

As an inner-european nearshore hub, Greece / Cyprus is ideally suited as a software development location. A significant local qualified and talented IT workforce is available there.


A fast and flexible development of resources bodes well towards an optimal handling of your project requirements.  

With locations in the cities of Athens, Thessaloniki and Nicosia, a powerful eco-system is at your disposal. 

We offer customized models to our clients:


  • Ownership development projects (fixed price or T&M) 

  • Support in case of capacity shortages


We support you in your software development projects with competencies in software architecture and all common programming languages such as Java, C#, Python, .NET, and many others. 


We assist you in optimizing your software quality assurance, test management and test automation, planning and implementation of continuous integration and development processes (Jenkins, Docker) as well as in the introduction of an in-house quality assurance.


We work with these technologies every day:

abstract, energy

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